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Page Templates and sidebars

Page Templates

  • Default Template ⦇This is the default template page has right sidebar ⦈
  • Page with Left Sidebar ⦇ This is a template page with a left sidebar. ⦈
  • Page With Right Sidebar ⦇This is a template page has right sidebar. ⦈
  • Blog Full Width Extend ⦇ This is blog template has only one template and no sidebar. ⦈
  • Blog With Left Sidebar ⦇This is blog template has a left sidebar. ⦈
  • Blog With Right Sidebar ⦇ This is a blog template has right sidebar. ⦈
  • Contact Template ⦇This is the Contact Template - Doesn't Have Sidebar. ⦈
  • Home Page Template ⦇This is the default home page template has right sidebar.⦈

Post Formats

Adding category

  1. sign in as administrator on your WordPress
  2. Click the Posts tab.
  3. Then, to select Categories for your post click on Categories.
  4. Now type the category name you need to categorise your blog into
  5. Now Add New Category By Clicking "Add New" Button.
  6. Finally, Publish

Creating a Blog post

  1. sign in as administrator on your WordPress
  2. Now Navigate your mouse to Posts tab.
  3. Now Add New post By Clicking "Add New" Button
  4. Add Desired Content in the editor.